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Fully Managed, Fully Staffed Luxury Beachfront Vacation Villas in the Heart of Cabrera Available for Business Retreats, Family Vacations, Destination Weddings, Filming Locations or Solo Retreats
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The Orchid Bay Villas
Home of World-Class Celebrities and Business Persons, Orchid Bay Estates is THE location for High-Class Luxury Vacations, Celebity Hideaways, Luxury Destination Weddings, Business Retreats or just Solo Relaxing. Located inside a Gated community with 24/7 Private Security and Video Surveillance, Private Beach and withing 5 minutes to town center Orchid Bay Villas have everything you could ever need for your vacation.

The Cabrera Town
Sitting quietly in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, hidden between beautiful mountains, cliffs and endless coast lines, Cabrera brings together a natural environment hardly seeing in any part of the world, a tranquil and immaculate location that embraces local culture and welcomes new comers with open arms. Wonderful people and beautiful places to see awaits on your journey ahead.
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Anacaona Estate is Now Open!
Massive 60,000 Sf Estate, Newly Renovated Tennis Court, Acclimatized Sports Facilities, Full Wellness Center, Wine Cellar and More, Available for Booking for The First Time Ever
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